Week 5 HITS Ocala was another fabulous week. Great weather, good riding and wonderful horses.
February 20, 2017

Carero and Alexa Bayko were Champion in the 3'3" Amateur Owners and Reserve Champion in the Modified Amateurs. Candace Houston's

Zorvino and Tricia O'Connor continue with great ribbons in the Baby Green Hunters. 

The Magic Word and Isabel Hunt got ribbons in Sm/Med Children's Pony Hunter as well as Small Schooling Ponies. 

Kris Fagan and Bacardi had some great rounds this week in the Ariat and Adult Hunter 56/O.

Gill Libro and Katera got some ribbons in novice adult eq and Post Time adults. 

Arrowheads Nancy Koehn finished 4th in the Bit O Straw Classic with Spot On. 

Jen Millers girls were great in the Post Time Children's. 
Crocket Miller won a class as well as other ribbons. 
Isabel Livingston and Equador had some good rounds and a ribbon in the under saddle.