HITS Saugerties Week IV was quite warm.
August 2, 2017

Triston Smith was Champion with Writtle in the Low Hunters, as well as Reserve Champion with both Bacardi and UpCountry Aristo.

Triston was also Champion Baby Green Hunter And Reserve Champion Training Hunter with Zorvino. 

Triston and McGraw got some great ribbons in the 3'3" Performance Hunters. 

Lily Rusis was Champion 11/Under Eq with a clean sweep winning all four classes with Charleston. 

Sarah Sardella and Writtle took home the Second place ribbon in the 3'3" Junior Hunter Classic. They also finished 10th in the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix and 12th in the $2500 USHJA Hunter Derby. 

Alexa Bayko and Clearly took home a 3rd in both the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix and $2500 USHJA Hunter Derby. They also won the Ariat. 

Lily Rusis and Cobalt 6 finished 8th in the $500 M&S/NAL Children's Hunter Classic. She was also 11th with Einstein. 

Kris Fagan and Bacardi received great ribbons in the Adult Eq and Hunters 50/O. 

Gill Libro and UpCountry Aristo also received good ribbons in Modified Adult Hunters and Limit Adult Eq. 

Candace Houston and Zorvino got some ribbons in the Modified Adult Hunters. 

Madison Pageau and McGraw got some ribbons in the Children's Hunter 14/U and Modified Children's. 

Carero and Cassandra Kahle were 3rd in the $5000 Devocoux Hunter Prix. 

Brittany Bouchard finished 3rd in the Ariat and 8th in the Dover Medal with Kennebec. 

Ashley Morin was 4th in the Dover Medal with Whisper.