HITS Ocala Premiere
February 5, 2018

Lily Rusis and Lincom's Close Up received scores of 80 and 85 in the $1500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix in the Stadium earning them a second place finish. They were also Reserve Champion in the 12-15 Eq and 5th in the THIS Medal in the Grand Prix ring. 

Lily and Einstein won a Children's Hunter 14/U class and were 5th in the NAL/M&S $500 Children's Hunter Classic. 

Lily had some nice rides in the Low Childrens Jumpers with Redfield Farms Utrillo Du Soleil. 

Libby LeStage and Specktacular won the THIS Medal in the Grand Prix ring with a score of 86. They also earned good ribbons in the Junior Hunter's as well as 5th in the $1000 Junior Hunter Classic. 

Libby and DiaDora also received good ribbons in the Junior Hunter's and 9th in the $1000 Junior Hunter Classic. They also had a great round in the $5000 Devocoux Hunter Prix in the stadium. They just missed the second round with their score of 80.5, the highest scoring Junior. 

Alexa Bayko and Clearly received good ribbons in the Amateur Owner 18-35 3'3" division. They finished up 7th in the $1000 Amateur Owner Classic with a second round score of 85. 

Alexa and her new horse Celtic Blue had a great start in the Adult Hunters 18-35. 

DiaDora and Cassandra Kahle got ribbons in the Green 3'6" Hunter's. 

Clearly and Cassandra Kahle got good ribbons in the Green 3'3" Hunter's.