HITS Ocala Winter Finals 8. WCHR Week
March 12, 2018

Cassandra Kahle started us of with a few Blue ribbons in the High Performance Hunter's with Barbara LeStage's DiaDora. They took home the Reserve Champion Ribbon. 

Cassie and Libby LeStage's Specktacular also took home the Reserve Champion Ribbon in the 3'6" Performance Hunter's. 

Cassie and Alexa Bayko's Clearly got ribbons in every 3'3" Green Hunter over fence class. 

Tricia O'Connor got great scores on Candace Houston's Zorvino in the 3' Green Hunter's. They were just out of the ribbons with scores in the 80's. 

Alexa Bayko and Clearly were Reserve Champion in the 3'3" Amateur Owners 18-35. They also took home the third place ribbon in the $1000 3'3" Amateur Owner Classic. 

Lily Rusis and Lincom's Close Up were Champion in the Limit Eq winning 3 of the 4 classes. They also took home fourth in THIS Medal. 

Lily and Einstein got good ribbons in the Childrens Hunter's 14/U. 

Ella Raslavicus and Favour de Fier won a Novice Eq class. 

Libby LeStage and Joli Van De Groenedyck finished 4th in the USEF Medal. 

Libby got some good ribbons in the Junior Hunter's with DiaDora and Specktacular. 
They finished up 8th and 9th in the $1000 Junior Hunter Classic. 

Libby and DiaDora finished 12th in the $5000 Devocoux Hunter Prix. It is so impressive to be in the results with all of the amazing professionals she is competing with. 

McGraw and Red Acre's Emma Fraser had a fantastic start together. They were Champion in the Childrens Hunter 15-17.  They won 2 over fence classes and were second in the other 2.