HITS Ocala Championships week 10
March 27, 2018
Lily Rusis and Einstein took home another Hunter Prix ribbon. This time they took the 8th place in the $5000 Platinum Performance. They also received good ribbons in the 3'3" Small Junior Hunter's. 

Lily and Lincoms Close Up Were Champion in the Intermediate Eq. 

Lily and Caledonia won a class in the Childrens Jumper Lows and they finished up 6th in a large group in the $1000 Low Childrens/Adult Jumper Classic. 

Libby LeStage was 3rd in THIS Medal with Specktacular and 4th in the ASPCA Maclay with Joli Van de Groenedyck.  She also got great ribbons in the Junior Hunter Division with DiaDora and Specktacular, they took home the 5th and 6th place ribbons in the $1000 Junior Hunter Classic. 

Candace Houston and Zorvino got great ribbons in Novice Adult Eq and Post Time Adult Hunter's. 

Alexa Bayko and Clearly had great performances for their final week in the 3'3" Amateur Owner 18-35 division. They got great ribbons and finished up 3rd in the $1000 3'3" Amateur Owner Classic.