September 19, 2016
Libby LeStage and Custom Made finished Second in the $250,000 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Finals. Alexa Bayko and Whisper took home 3 ribbons, 9th in Round 1, 7th in Round 2 and finished up 20th in the Final. Jess Lusty and Anucci finished 23rd in the Final. Alexa Bayko and Carero took home a 12th place ribbon in Round 1 and just missed making the top 25 to return in the Final Round. Katie Daoud and Cape Town just missed out on a ribbon in Round 1 (13th) and the Final Round (26th). We are also proud of Kathryn Griswold with Latigo and Worldly and Kris Fagan and Bacardi.   Read more >>
July 5, 2016
Kris Fagan and Bacardi, Holly Cannon and McGraw, Elizabeth Cannon and Spot On, Sydney Berube and National Treasure, Isabel Hunt and The Magic Word, Sydney Berube and Rosso Grande   Read more >>
June 9, 2016
Isabel Hunt and The Magic Word won their Sm/Med Pony Eq. They got great ribbons in the Children's Pony division, Schooling Pony Smalls and Reserve Champion in Pony Eq.
Alexa Bayko and Carero won an Adult Eq 18-35.   Read more >>