2019 Massachusetts Day of Champions Finals Congratulations!

Congratulations to each of our riders that participated this year’s Mass Finals!

Candace Houston riding Zorvino

Brittany Bouchard riding Canaletto

Sydney Jasny riding Rewir J

Elinor Horagan riding Blue on By

Emma Eaton-Ayres riding Pomerol &

Maddy Pageau riding Rewir J

An even bigger congratulations Sydney Jasny and Rewir J for placing 10th in the 18-30 Adult Medal.

Another big congratulation to Emma Eaton-Ayres and Pomerol for taking home 4th in the open class. Then moving up from 16th place to 5th in the second round of the medal.

Also another congratulation to Elinor Horrigan and Blue on By for taking home 3rd in their open trip!


Monica Hunt